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Stories. Not noise.

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This is where different begins.

We wholeheartedly believe the best work comes from collaboration.

From client partners with the vision to do remarkable things. From the incredible talent of creatives and from an agency that knows how to make it all happen. Combine each of these, and you have work that’s authentic, meaningful and effective.

For us, coming at a problem as one is the difference between good and great, between mediocrity and changing the game. Your result is our result too. Like our name suggests, this is the start of a great friendship – so let’s create remarkable together.

We are Monami.

Tell stories

We’re the makers of true stories and experiences

Remarkable work is always based on a truth, so that’s where we start for everything; the idea, the execution and the place we tell it. We make it relevant and when you don’t do that, ordinary creeps in.

We’ve come from a background in film production, tech, strategy, creativity and innovation – so traditional thinking isn’t a natural solution – and we’d hate for it to ever be. When it comes to doing this properly, we have a team in Helsinki with a network of creative collaborators around the world. For us, it’s about the right talent for the job.

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